Accelerating Breakthrough Innovation and Unlocking Human Potential



  1. To inspire Guernsey to become the best place to live on earth by 2020
  2. To inspire communities around the world to take on and solve the world’s toughest
  3. To inspire the creation of a new golden age for Planet Earth

Why we are

We exist to align the right ideas and resources, with the right place and time to accelerate breakthrough innovation and unlock human potential.

Who we are

We are a Foundation set up in 2016, based on a project started in 2014 by ​Marc Winn​ and Jock Pettitt​ in the small self-governing nation of Guernsey.

What we are

We are a place-based foundation that focuses on creating global impact. We concentrate ideas, resources and impact in locations that are ideally positioned to create breakthrough innovation.

Why Is Guernsey Our First Location?

Guernsey is situated 50 km off the north-west coast of France, in the Bay of St. Malo and 120 km from the English coast.

An independent and self-governing island forming part of the southernmost group of islands that make up the British Isles, the Bailiwick of Guernsey includes the smaller neighbouring islands of Sark, Herm and Alderney. The island has a total surface area of 25 square miles, with a population of around 63,000.

As a small self-governing nation, Guernsey is a microcosm, operating at a human scale. Here, it is possible to solve complex systemic issues in ways that cannot currently be achieved in large nation states.

Guernsey has already used its small size and autonomy to become a global leader in many areas of social and economic innovation. The Dandelion Foundation focuses on maximising the capacity for Guernsey and other similar communities around the world to use their small scale and self-determination to accelerate human progress.

Governing Values

In everything we do and every decision we make, our Governing Values are our ultimate guide to inform our actions:

  1. Health & Happiness​ – The health and happiness of our community, our children and the generations that follow, is paramount. We put this value first, in everything and anything we do.
  2. Fun​ – If it isn’t enjoyable, why do it? There is usually a fun way to approach everything – and working this way has much greater reach and impact. So, it is important that we inject fun into everything we do.
  3. Abundance​ – The world has more than enough resources to create an incredible life for everyone. At all times, we must act on the basis that there is more than enough to develop and action what needs to happen.
  4. Inspiration​ – Before every act of creation, there is a moment of inspiration. We seek to inspire the creation of an incredible world.
  5. Limitlessness​ – Everything and anything is possible. Not seeing a solution doesn’t mean there isn’t one. As each member of the community views the possibilities through their own lens, the opportunities broaden exponentially.
  6. Impact​ – What decision is going to have the highest impact? We seek to create impact from every decision we make.
  7. From the Inside Out​ – To change the world, we must first work on ourselves; then family; then community; then the world. Only then can we achieve breakthrough in a sustainable way.
  8. Self Direction​ – We empower people, groups and communities to solve their own problems.
  9. Personal Responsibility​ – We accept responsibility for the world we live in and take action to improve it, wherever and whenever we have the opportunity.
  10. Leave No One Behind​ – In the end, we can leave no one behind. Everything we do is inclusive.

Current Moonshot Goals

We set ourselves and our founding community some audacious goals that signal the direction of travel for much of our innovation. We aim to create an environment to provide systemic solutions to achieve these goals:

  • To be the best place to live on earth by 2020
  • To be the most positive country on the planet
  • To be the first country in the world to have a life expectancy of 100
  • To become the world’s first self-actualised country
  • To reduce our cost of living to zero, sustainably
  • To become the world’s first self-organised country
  • To become the highest-impact nation on the planet
  • To be the world’s first country to end the obligation to work
  • To be the first country that develops legislation in real time
  • To be the most philanthropic country on the planet
  • To leave no one behind

Our Work

Leadership Development

Why do some communities and organisations have more leaders than others?
Why do some communities lead and others follow?
Why are some leaders better at leadership than others?
Are good leaders born, or created?

Every issue humanity faces requires leadership to solve it. We decode how communities can build systems to create and develop the leadership necessary to solve local and global challenges.

Since we began, we have constantly experimented in developing a systemic approach to the creation of bold new leadership in community. We have also been developing approaches to coach, support and nurture existing community leadership to solve local and global challenges.

Narrative Building

Why and how does public opinion change over time?
Why and how does culture change over time?
Why does propaganda work?
Can it be used as a force for good?
What needs to change in current public opinion and culture to improve quality of life?

Some of the biggest barriers to problem-solving are the beliefs we hold in society. Many of these beliefs even go against our individual and collective interest.

Storytelling has been at the heart of considerable shifts in belief systems over time. Religions, government propaganda, news publications and corporations have historically used forms of storytelling, narrative development and marketing to shift our beliefs and behaviours towards their own goals.

Since our inception, we have been decoding ways to build, use and distribute new narratives that transform public opinion and culture, to allow for bolder local and global problem-solving.

Problem Solving Networks

Why does a high percentage of organisations fail in their objectives?
How do we build and develop approaches to problem-solving that always succeed?
How do we solve problems more effectively in the networked age?

For the first 3 years of our existence, we didn’t actually have an organisation – yet, we were making change happen. Whilst there are many advantages to hierarchical organisations, there are also some limitations.

Right from the beginning, we wanted to develop a network-based approach to problem-solving to significantly improve our chances of mission success. We have been experimenting with approaches to develop and launch networks to solve local and global challenges. The individuals, organisation, ideas, locations and resources already exist to solve most challenges – but they haven’t yet been connected.

We focus on building systems and approaches to more effectively inspire, join, connect and develop problem-solving communities.

Community Led Innovation

What happens when governments don’t want to solve the challenges in communities?
What happens when governments don’t have the ability to solve the challenges in communities?
What happens when governments don’t have the resources to solve the challenges in communities?

Governments are finding it harder and harder to meet the needs of their populations. The world is speeding up and governments are not currently structured to meet the ever-changing needs of their populations. They are required to deliver more for less, in an increasingly hostile environment.

The more we have learnt and understood these issues, the more we realise that the most effective solutions are built from the bottom up, in ways that require minimal permission and resources from government. Communities can be much more effective in making change happen if they take responsibility for de-risking innovation.

We have explored the most effective ways to accelerate and empower community and government to improve quality of life for all citizens.

Our Causes

Solving Government

In 2014, we launched The Dandelion Project to make Guernsey the best place to live on earth by 2020. Behind the ‘bold mission’ was an attempt to solve a very real problem. How does government reshape itself, to deal with the impact of accelerating technological change?

Dandelion was based in a small self-governing nation to start working on this challenge. Guernsey already has one of the least expensive governments in the world, delivering some of the best social and economic outcomes. It is the perfect location to redefine what is possible for Government and Community.

This cause was inspired by ​Singularity University​ in Silicon Valley, and seeks to positively impact a billion people within 10 years.

Solving Mental Health

In 2015, we launched our first problem-solving network, focussed on a complex systemic issue. We chose to solve Mental Health because it is worsening exponentially, when government’s capacities are increasingly constrained. The existing treatment paradigm is expensive, maintenance-focussed and unable to cope with increasing demands. It’s an issue impacting on every element of society and it requires a whole system approach to solve it.

Solving The Demographic Time Bomb

In 2017, we built a problem-solving network to address one of the largest unsolved problems facing western governments – The Demographic Time Bomb. With the cost of healthcare rising and populations ageing, governments are finding themselves financially unsustainable. Most strategies to solve this issue focus on increasing tax on the young and increasing migration – but this gives rise to populism and the draining of talent in developing nations.

The flagship event for this network is ​Journey to 100​, launched in conjunction with the Evolution of Medicine​ network and ​Dr Rangan Chatterjee​. Its mission is to inspire Guernsey to become the first country to break through the 100-year life expectancy barrier.

To sustainably succeed in this mission, life expectancy and healthspan need to increase, whilst the cost of health and social care drops dramatically.

Solving Poverty

The next problem-solving network we are due to launch will be focussed on solving poverty.


Upcoming Events

Bean Jar Jamboree

Thrive2020 / Bean Jar Jamboree
Les Cotils
October 13th noon til sundown

There are no events currently confirmed. Rest assured, we are always working on something!
Future events will be announced on our social media channels and on our blog.

Past Events

TEDx St Peter Port

2014 – How do we make Guernsey the best place to live on earth? (Watch the talks)
2015 – How do we make Guernsey the best place to live on earth? (Watch the talks)
2016 – How do we make Guernsey the best place to live on earth? (Watch the talks)
2017 – Future Guernsey (aligned with Government Vision Document) (Watch the talks)

Thrive 2020
– How do we solve mental health? (Watch the talks)
2016 – How do we make Guernsey the happiest place on earth? (Watch the talks)
2017 – From Surviving to Thriving (Watch the talks)


Journey to 100

2017 – How to we become the first country with a life expectancy of 100? (Watch the talks)

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